Thank you for visiting the home page of my blog.

More about myself and my blog I would love to share with you.

Hello,  I am Marna, in my early thirties  and has been  in the Chef and Hospitality Industry for almost fifteen yours. I have “retired” from physically cooking as a chef and has decided to use my knowledge and experience and move my  work life in a different direction by blogging my career recipes, writing reviews and useful career advice about the industry for future chefs.   My love with food started when I was still young and at home at my parents house. My mom used to bake a wonderful chocolate cake (and also other tarts etc.) for school fundraising and my aunt – then not married- used to help me with my home economics practical exams.  I always went to her house to practice whatever I needed to make and she made sure I knew how to make it.

In my late teens, I already knew I wanted to go the chef route. My dad took me to Warwick Chef School in Onrust River, Hermanus my first stop-by to see where I want to study, and it was also my last stop-by. I liked the school and we did the enrollment.  I was chosen for the July 2003 course. After graduating I left home in Worcester, started working at a Guest House in the Stanford area and mostly continued to be in the Guest House area.  I must say that Guest Houses give you the good freedom to experiment – something you don’t always get at a la carte restaurant where the Head Chef changes the menu every now and again.

But it is mostly at Augusta Kleinbosch Guest Farm in Paarl – A Historic Farm in the Cape Winelands- where I had most freedom to develop my cooking style. Our mission was to keep the guests happy – at any cost.

Here I worked hard – from early mornings to late nights – but it was the best time of my career. I was comfortable in my kitchen, had a fantastic team to work with – in my kitchen and restaurant area, as well as the farm area, management, and the room ladies. And with this said – I can assure you getting a fantastic team to work with is extremely rare to find!

Here I could be creative, enjoy my classical cooking style and enjoy our overseas European market guests and locals from South Africa from the Wellington Wine Walk groups, as well as business people. And here I felt most at home in my kitchen.

My wonderful husband, Iwan Ross, encouraged me to start a blog. Thank you Iwan, for helping me with all the technical content and the lessons on how to load my recipes for this blog. You do magnificent work for the IT Industry, also view the other marvelous website work he did for St. Omer Nursery and other businesses as well.

I would also like to give my mom and dad a special thanks as well. For you support  with my new blog project  and total understanding for leaving the cooking.

Enjoy the blog and I hope other chefs and individuals  can benefit from my recipes. It is here to help and inspire!

If you are a home cook, enjoy it too! You have all the time in the world not to rush a recipe.

With love,